Intro to Technology Resources for Grad Students


See our Getting Started Guide.

LSA IT help is available by emailing or calling 734.615.0100.

Department liaisons for specialized help

Regardless of your kind of research, store it safely

A limited amount of research storage space.

U-M Box and U-M Google both have unlimited storage until you leave the university.

Consider getting a backup program system for your personal machine. We use CrashPlan for U-M machines. However, it is not available any longer for personal use but they will let you purchase the small business option. Here are the Top 10 reviews for backup options for Windows and Mac.

Make accessing and using the literature easier

Remotely accessing university computing.

Using Virutal Sites and access your research storage: Connecting to LSA File Spaces (Windows) or Connecting to LSA File Spaces (Mac).

Using the Virtual Private Network (VPN), needed for library and file storage access from off campus.

Get software and support for your personally owned machine.

U-M Computer Showcase

What systems/software is available for use?

Additionally, some departments have private specialized labs and machines for their students’ use.

Knowledge about Data:

Developing data sets

OCR - getting text and data from scans, images and pdfs

Behavioral Human Subjects Research

Archive Visit Tips

Knowledge about Analysis:

Quantitative Research Resources

Qualitative Research Resources

Survey Research

Digital Humanities and Literature Production

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Research Programming and Lab Assistance for a Fee

Lab: Research LabNotebooks Specimen Management

Field Research Support

Knowledge articles for Writing:

Writing your dissertation

Managing your dissertation or proposal defense

Preparing to leave:

Going on the Job Market

Leaving the University


Graduate Students

Additional notes

Graduate Student Technology Resources

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