LSA Computer Recommendations



Which computers does LSA IT recommend?


Devices are recommended based upon several factors ranging from hardware reliability, performance, and cost. All recommended devices offer fast processors and enough memory and storage to run the latest software releases over the next four years.

  • Standard devices are recommended for faculty and staff who primarily use their computer for running office productivity applications, email, and web browsing.
  • Performance devices are geared towards running memory intensive or research centric applications and programming - for example statistical analysis, video coding, etc.
  • Lightweight devices are geared toward traveling on or off campus and balance device mobility with performance.

Please see the full list on the Computer Showcase site, where all these models are available.

Additional notes

These are standard recommendations, and we can obtain these machines very quickly at the Computer Showcase store. As always, you can contact your local IT support team to discuss options and customizations beyond these offerings.

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