Staff Computer Upgrade Program

Staff Computer Upgrade Program
PurposeDefine the guidelines for the Staff Computer Upgrade Program
Approved byLSA IT Lead Team
Approved on2017-03-22
Last reviewed2017-03-22

This document defines the guidelines for the Staff Computer Upgrade Program.


This policy exists to define the guidelines for the Staff Computer Upgrade Program.


The scope of this policy is the Staff Computer Upgrade Program. Computers covered by the Computer Upgrades for Instructional Faculty (CUIF) program are not covered by this policy.

Review Conditions

If the policy has gone at least a year without review, a review of this policy may be necessary.


Every year LSA IT, through the Staff Computer Upgrade Program, provides departments with a number of new desktop computers to be used to replace the standard Windows desktop computers of administrative staff with a 50% or more general fund appointment. Computers are replaced on a four-year cycle, with approximately one-fourth replaced each spring. Program details are coordinated annually with department managers and IT support.

You are required to turn in a working computer in order to receive a new one. This is done to help curb the growth of computers in the environment as that drives up support costs unnecessarily.

For both LSA staff upgrades and for new positions:

  • LSA covers the cost of one computer per staff member, including one monitor (up to 24"), one mouse, and one keyboard.
  • If it is a laptop, LSA also covers the cost of the docking station.
  • The machine will be the standard machine in the LSA Hardware Recommendations guide.
  • Very few staff should have a Mac, and only with a clearly justifiable business need (of which both LSA IT and chief admin approve).
  • The cost of second monitors and all other peripherals besides what is mentioned above are the responsibility of the unit (with the exception of the Dean's Office).

Please contact the LSA IT Service Desk if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


  • Please note that when there is staff turnaround (new staff comes into an existing position), the new staff member is expected to use the existing computer associated with that role. LSA IT will purchase a new computer setup for staff coming into a new role, but not into an existing role.
  • Staff need to be on General Funds in order to be eligible for this program (as opposed to Research funds or other).
  • The program is on a four-year cycle, generally carried out mid-winter through early Spring.


This policy was approved on 2017-03-22 by the LSA IT Lead Team.

Last reviewed 2017-03-22.

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