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Service Capabilities

We are equipped with two Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-4000 printers serving faculty, staff, and students. The units print on 42" & 36" wide, roll feed, heavy coated inkjet paper (a bright photo-glossy surface). The printer's 2400 x 1200 dots per inch color output, combined with special-purpose paper, produces high-quality output that is ideal for banners, signs, posters, and displays.


Poster printing is charged at $6.00 per linear foot.

All unclaimed posters will be recycled after a 3 week waiting period.

Included in the cost of your poster is a basic plastic sleeve we provide to protect each print. Unfortunately, we do not stock or sell protective poster carrying cases. Arbor Pack N Mail is our suggested retailer for these items in town. They may also be available at the Post Office and may be free of charge if you are shipping your poster in the mail.


To have a poster printed, perform the following steps:

Step 1 Make sure you have a valid shortcode for the poster.
Step 2 Fill out the Poster Printing Request Form. You will need to login to our system to submit your poster request using UMROOT\uniqname and its password. All fields must be filled in before your request can be submitted. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact us at
If you are affiliated with the Medical School your login may not work. If this is the case proceed to Step 5 (bringing your file to the Randall IT office).
Step 3 Please prepare your poster as a PDF format. If you need help converting your file to PDF, Instructions for macOS and Instructions for Windows are shown below.
Step 4 One dimension (height or width) must be less than or equal to 42". The other dimension is limited by the length of the paper roll (or the software you are using). We use paper rolls of 100 feet. If one dimension is 36" or 42", the full width of the paper will be used and require no trimming. But anything 42" or less can be printed.
Step 5 Save your the file to USB thumb drive (or other portable media) to take to 2428 Randall Lab. You can also attach the file with your request.
Step 6 Visit the LSA Technology Services' Randall office between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday–Friday, and see a consultant who will help load your file and show you a preview. We do not start printing new jobs after 4:30 PM.
Holiday Hours
We are closed on all university-observed holidays. On the following days, we close at 3:00 PM:
  • Friday before Easter
  • Friday before Memorial Day
  • Last business day before 4th of July
  • Friday before Labor Day
  • Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day
  • Last business day before Christmas and Seasonal Days
Step 7 Once you approve the preview and your funding arrangements are verified, your file will be printed.
Step 8 Pick up your completed poster. You are welcome to wait in our office, or you can come back later, before 5:00 PM. If your poster is not completed by 5:00 PM, you can pick it up on the next business day.
Our service is first come, first served, from the time you arrive at our office with your file ready to print. The consultants will make their best effort to print your file. However, we cannot guarantee results in every circumstance. Be prepared with an alternate plan to use the plotter at the Media Union or a commercial printer, if necessary.

We do have a poster trimmer. It is next to our office in room 2416 Randall, known as the "PAUL" Lab. If you need assistance trimming your poster, please let us know.

Additional notes

Conference, symposium, seminar, poster session or high volume printing

If you know of a conference, symposium, seminar, poster session or have a high volume of printing to do, please contact ahead of time and let us know the approximate number of posters that will need to be printed and the desired time frame for completion. This will allow our team to make sure we have enough printing supplies and resources available to print your request on time.

Finish your poster completely

Your poster should be proofread and in a finished state when you arrive. Correcting typos after you have printed the poster requires reprinting and is wasteful, expensive, and time-consuming. Pages will be printed to the resolution and size specified by the electronic file format. We will not scale or retouch documents.

Allow enough time

Most jobs take approximately 30 minutes to print; however, in some cases, the process can take more than an hour. As detailed above, we do not start new print jobs after 4:30 PM. In addition, the printer may be in high demand for several days before a conference. If printing of your poster is not completed by 5:00 PM, you will have to pick it up on the next business day.

Know your software

You should be familiar with the software application you have chosen. Consultants are not able to give you detailed instructions on its use, especially when others are waiting to preview and print their posters

Have funding arrangements in place

Printing is charged against a U-M shortcode at $6.00 per linear foot to cover the cost of the paper, ink, printer maintenance, and administration. Increments of a foot are rounded up to the next half foot. Billing arrangements should be made in advance. We do not accept cash, checks, credit or debit cards.

Optionally, have a poster tube

Printed posters are susceptible to damage if mishandled. The plotter prints using water soluble ink and could run or smear if exposed to the elements. Bring a 42-inch long (or longer) poster tube if possible. If you don't have your own poster tube, we will be happy to provide you with a plastic bag to protect the poster from the elements.

Creating a poster-sized PDF from your Mac on Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Select File → Save As....
  2. Click the File Format dropdown box, scroll down the list and select PDF (under Export Formats).
  3. Click the Export button.

Your Presentation should now be saved as a PDF file.

Creating a poster-sized PDF with Windows

Depending on what version of Windows you have, there are multiple ways to create a PDF. If you are unsure on how to create a PDF; we recommend using a free tool called CutePDF.

  1. Download and install CutePDF. Note: Once installed, CutePDF creates a printer in your in your list of print devices.
  2. Open the program you used to create your poster and select “Print.”
  3. Select “CutePDF Writer.”
  4. Depending on the application you use, click the "Printer Properties," “Settings” or “Page Setup” button to check paper size and margins. Note: set all of the margins to zero.
  5. Click on the "OK" button in the various dialogs until you are taken back to the main Print dialog window.
  6. Click on the "Print" button to create your PDF.
  7. A dialog window will ask where to save your file. Choose your location and click the “Save” button to generate the PDF file.

Other Resources

Check out the U-M Print Style Guide and these tips on color choices.

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